Steamer 3 Tier Layer Soup Pot Set


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Product features:  

3 layer design, by a port and 2 steam grid composition, free cooking match.  


With ventilated glass cover, you can check the food without heat dissipation  


Stainless steel design to ensure uniform temperature distribution  


Healthy cooking preserves the nutrients, texture, and flavor of food  


Suitable for gas, electric furnace and solid electric furnace  


Can be used as a single or double boiler, or use a pan as a casserole  


Visible glass cover, you can clearly see inside, with steam vent.  


Compatible with gas furnace, electric furnace, induction furnace, halogen electric furnace.  


Packing list:  

1 stainless steel steamer + pan + glass cover  



Please refer to the product image.


Size :

5 Layers Steamer Diameter: 30cm

5 Layers Steamer Diameter: 28cm

5 Layers Steamer Diameter:  26cm  


This steamer can use on all types of stoves (Not suitable for induction hobs).



The steamer thanks to the gentle cooking with steam protects the nutrients vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids and makes the food easier to digest;


Very suitable for steaming seafood, rice, vegetables, Chinese dim sum;

Easy to clean.


Material: stainless steel

Weight: approx. 3kg


Package includes:

1x Stainless Steel Five Layer steamer



Additional information


silver 2, silver 3, silver 4, Silver 1

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