White Silicone Rubber Pot


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1. Name: Pressure Cooker Sealing Ring New Model 4L5L6L Pressure Cooker Sealing Ring Silicone Ring
2. Material: Silica gel
3. Size( approx.):1) 4L: Outer diameter: 22 cm/ 8.66 inches; Inner diameter: 20 cm/ 7.87 inches;2) 5L/ 6l: Outer diameter: 22 cm/ 8.66 inches; Inner diameter: 24 cm/ 9.45 inches.
4. Applications: for Media,for PESKOE, for DOUBLE for HAPPINESS, , for Wheare home, for Royalstar, for Airmate, for Triangle, for Sunpentown, for LIAN, for WEKING,for  ACA, for BOSS, for Longde, for Donlim, for MINGDAI, for MACRO , for Elia,for  GREE, for KELON,for  HONGXIN, for ATING, for VATTI, for TIGER, for OUNING, for HEYGEY, for FRESTEC,for  SKG, for MITEC, for LIVEN, for Haier

1. Electric pressure cooker consists of mill finish and matte, which needs to be used correctly, otherwise, the ring will fall off when opening the cover.
2. The fitting property of ring depends on straight edge, curling edge of inner tank.
3. The sealing ring must have radian clearance, otherwise the pressure will leak.
4. The installation of aluminium cover is different from holder.

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4L, 56L

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