Automatic Yogurt Maker


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Name: Yogurt machine
Power: 15W
Capacity: 1L (recommended production capacity 0.9L)
Voltage: 220V~50Hz
Product: 165*165*110mm

1. Free combination and DIY
2. Double-layer sealed fermentation
3. Intelligent constant temperature fermentation
4.1L large capacity stainless steel liner
Power on and use, easy to operate
Fully automatic power-on and ready-to-use, it is very convenient to accurately control temperature.

1. Add pure milk or fresh milk to mushroom powder or appropriate amount of yogurt and stir evenly
2. Cover the inner lid, put it in the yogurt maker and cover the lid
3. Turn on the power, the yogurt machine starts to work, and the yogurt is ready in about 8-12 hours


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